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HPV Awakening was founded in 2011 by Tashia Ameneiro after her diagnosis of HPV-cancer-related strands.

At the time, many textbooks and medical professionals held the idea that HPV was only “contracted by women who had sex at too young of an age, or had too many sex partners”. In Tashia’s case, she was 25 and had only had one sex partner.

It was also believed that men were not affected by HPV, but were just carriers for the virus. This is now known to be untrue as research shows men are more prevalent to head, neck, and throat cancer related to HPV.

With little support from the medical community and the general public, Tashia fell into depression. The lack of information and understanding paved her way to fight for change, and to “Awaken one person at a time” to the realities of HPV.

Since its inception, HPV Awakening has taken part in 100s of health fairs throughout the Miami-Dade and Broward counties. We've had partnerships with Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando, the Miami Dade County Department of Health, Miami Dade County Public Schools, Healthy Teen Expos, Homestead Correction Facility– Women’s Transition Program, Miami Dade Juvenile detention Center, Anime Festival Orlando, and several other Community-Based Organizations. HPV Awakening has also taken part in various outreach opportunities throughout the state.

Board Members


Tashia Ameneiro
Chairman and Founder
Pronouns: She/Her

Tashia is currently focusing on HPV Awakening full-time and expanded the organization to New Mexico. She has worked at various non-profits and most recently worked with her local Department of Health as a Disease Intervention Specialist Supervisor.

Tashia is passionate about ensuring that the public has access to medically and scientifically accurate sexual health education that is also inclusive.


Haley Kerr
Public Health Professional & Doula
Pronouns: She/ her

Haley has an extensive background in public health from working with the Peace Corps to Federally Qualified Health Clinics in the US. She is passionate about health care and helping others. She is passionate about health care, helping others and inclusivity.


Virginia Pena
Pronouns: She/ Her

Virginia has worked with the public in various forms and throughout several states. She is passionate about her religious beliefs and doing God's work by helping others. She is a firm believer in helping the community and public health education.


Gregor Richardson
Pronouns: He/Him

Support engineer and entrepreneur. Experienced in full-stack web development and technical consulting. Passionate about building and maintaining products that are both functional and pretty.

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